About Quaker Funds, Inc.

The premise upon which Quaker Funds, Inc. was founded is the desire to afford everyday investors access to the same tactical allocation strategies used by professional money managers to augment traditional investments within a holistic asset allocation mix.

Our commitment to this principle is still as strong today as it was the day we opened our doors in 1996. All Quaker Funds are actively managed with an entrepreneurial, hands-on style.

What you can expect from Quaker Funds:

  • Tactical allocation strategies in a mutual fund format
  • Products that provide significant diversification benefits
  • A solid foundation upon which to build your core portfolio that strives to maximize risk-adjusted returns

Our management team continually strives to provide our shareholders with innovative investment alternatives that are focused on the pursuit of superior returns.

About Our Founder

Jeffry H. King, Sr. began his investment career in 1963. His early years were spent on the trading floors of the New York Stock Exchange, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and the Philadelphia Options Exchange. In 1990 Mr. King founded, and for 15 years, operated a securities trading firm that provided order execution to institutional clients, among them institutional money managers, hedge funds, mutual funds and trust companies.

Mr. King’s tenure spans five distinct secular markets:

Period Secular Market Dow Closing Prices For Closing Price
1963 to 1966 End of 17 year secular bull 12/30/1966 785.69
1966 to 1982 16 year secular bear 12/31/1982 1046.54
1982 to 2000 18 year secular bull 12/29/2000 10788.70
2000 to Nov 2012 12 year secular bear  11/15/2012  12542.38
Nov 2012 to present Current secular period

Mr. King's experience has shaped his beliefs about investing. He came to understand that profitable investment strategies differ based upon the prevailing secular market and the cyclical period within which that market resides. He saw a need for everyday investors to gain access to the same tactical allocation strategies that professional money managers have used to augment traditional investments within a holistic asset allocation mix.

It was in response to this need that Mr. King founded Quaker Funds, Inc. (QFI) in 1996. QFI has operated continuously under his guidance since then to deliver innovative strategies in mutual fund investing.