“Alternative investing” seems to be the latest buzzword in the financial services industry.  Since 1996, Quaker Funds has delivered innovative strategies in mutual fund investing. We provide tactical allocation mutual funds as well as traditional mutual funds in go-anywhere and style-pure products. 

Quaker Tactical Allocation Funds: Your Alternative to Alternative Investing

The way to achieve true diversification is by choosing investments that do not behave in the same manner, in other words, that are not highly correlated.  That is why we offer tactical allocation funds – “your alternative to alternative investing.”

Go-Anywhere Tactical Allocation Funds:

Quaker Global Tactical Allocation Fund

Investing in Dynamic Global Growth Themes Occurring Worldwide

Quaker Strategic Growth Fund

For the Journey Now and the Road Ahead


QUAKER Traditional Funds: Your fully invested Alternative

Our traditional funds are your “fully-invested alternative”, offering you market exposure and disciplined investment methodologies.  These time-tested core holdings pursue market returns or greater while seeking to minimize investment risk exposure.

Style-Pure TRADITIONal Funds:

Dependable exposure to stocks of mid-sized companies with traditional value characteristics

Quaker Small-Cap Value Fund

Let Disciplined, Momentum-Driven Value Investing Be Your Guide to Pursuing Above-Market Returns
Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market. 
About Investment Risk:
Investing in the Quaker Funds may involve special risks including, but not limited to, investments in smaller companies, non-diversification, short sales, derivatives, foreign securities, special situation companies, as a result of merger arbitrage and capital structure arbitrage, debt securities and value and growth investing. Please refer to the prospectus for more complete information.