Let Disciplined, Momentum-Driven Value Investing Be Your Guide to Pursuing Above-Market Returns

Quaker Small-Cap Value Fund seeks long-term growth of capital. The Fund is designed to give disciplined exposure to small capitalization stocks (with a mean capitalization between the Russell 2000 and Russell 2500, approximately $15 million to $8 billion) and traditional value characteristics such as low price-to-earnings and price-to-book ratios.

Managed by Theodore R. Aronson, CFA, Stefani Cranston, CFA, CPA, Gina Marie N. Moore, CFA, Gregory J. Rogers, CFA, and Christopher J.W. Whitehead, CFA of AJO



Share Class Symbol CUSIP Fund Number
A QUSVX 746935766 1887
C QSVCX 746935741 1889
I QSVIX 746935568 1890